Wine Subscription.

The Netflix of wine.

2 bottles.
1 mini-magazine with tasting notes.
Every month.

Our wine subscription box is composed of :
- 2 x 75cl of wine (including a minimum of 1 swiss wine)*
- A mini-magazine with the description sheets of each wine to guide you through the tasting & a wine news section.

* Each wine is carefully selected and tasted by us. Selection includes all colors of wine and will vary depending on seaons.


Why should I get / offer a wine subscription ?

There are million of reasons. Here are some of them:

1. To have the insurance of having at least 2 good bottles of wine at your disposal.
2. To spend great tasting nights with your friends / family.
3. To know more about wine in general. 
4. To know what to order in restaurants.
5. To discover what do you really like and why !
6. To travel (spiritually).
7. To treat yourself !
8. To rebuff uncle Jim who pretends to know about wine ;).


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