café-bar dada, inside Villa Perret

Located in the Monruz district of Neuchâtel, the magnificent Villa Perret is home to the Voisins coworking space and to our café-bar.



The café-bar has no kitchen.
We provide catering solution everyday (lunch by 5 Sens - between 10 to 18 CHF) and arrange specific menus on request.

100% local. Of course.


Opening hours
Week days
Tuesday-Friday : 10h-17h
Monday : on request

Evening time & Weekends
Wednesday : 17h-21h30
Friday : 17h-00h
Sunday : according to Agenda

Thursday & Saturday : Private events
Monday-Tuesday : on request

To give visibility to public and private openings, we concentrate private events on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.