"I like wines, but don't know always what to choose".

Which wine to serve? Wich wine to offer? Which wine to open and when ? And which wine to age ?

There are so many questions, but so few answers, and so many wines...
We want to guide you through this wine jungle, starting with what we know best: Swiss Wines.
And trust us, it's way enough already.


1. Get the right bottle.

In our Neuchâtel shop, you will get some wise advices according to your needs. Meal, budget, occasion, tell us everything and we'll find the right bottle(s) for you.
We intentionally keep our wine list pretty small because we want to make sure you get the good recommandation.


2. Improve your tasting skills.

In our tasting room in Neuchâtel or to the place of your choice (home, company site) we organize wine tastings.
Team-building, Family & Friends gathering, Bachelor.ette party, etc.
We organize custom-made events to let you know more about what you are tasting.

More information HERE.


3. Get knowledgeable, at your own pace.

Thanks to our wine subscription offer, you'll get 2 bottles of wines each month.
It includes:
- 1 bottle of swiss wine
- 1 bottle of european wine
- 1 mini-magazine with wine news and tasting sheets of the related bottles.

I want more information.


4. 0 risk - 100% success.

To make your life easier, we've decided to create our own "label". Like in the music industry, we gather our kind of "artists" and co-produce limited cuvées with them. 
We collaborate with the highly talented new wave of swiss winemakers from various "Cantons" to offer you the best, at the best price.

Just for you to know, all the winemakers we collaborate with work in sustainable, organic or biodynamic agriculture.

Let me see the wines.