Give your work another dimension.

For winemakers and / or owner of wineries.

Why ?

It is easy (but also very true) to say you can have the best product, if it is not well marketed, it won't work. By selling wine everyday we have a great overview of the market (trends, needs, etc) and we are ready to create, improve or fine tune your brand image with you. 

How ?

Half-day meeting
FREE. After this, you can decide to continue with us or not.

Project fees or hour fees 
Depending on your project (and budget) we can work the way that suits you better.

Our previous experiences enabled us to meet great people (photographer, designer, graphic designer, etc.). We include them in your project only if needed.


What ?

Brand Strategy (Business Model definition, Positionning, Products structure, etc.)
Brand Identity (Logo, codes, tone of voice etc.)
Communication (Website, support for social media)