Where do we come from !

2016 - Enjoying life.

Everything started when we opened a place to host wine tastings in Neuchâtel. Right between a wine class and an evening in a wine bar, our idea was to offer great moments with friends, colleagues and family around wine and cheeses and charcuteries ! The dream life.

2018 - Customers are great.

After hundreds of tastings, one resquest was remaining: "Where can we buy the wines we've just tasted?". So we listened to you and opened a very tiny (but lovely) wine shop also in Neuchâtel. Like everyone else we were mainly selling european wines. Slowly but surely we jumped into swiss wines and we were impressed by how great they can be!



2020 - Swiss wines are awesome.

With us, our clientele started to discover wines from all over Switzerland. But not all of you were convinced due to image, price, reputation, etc... So we got this idea of creating a platform to promote swiss wines.

- We will convert our existing shops from european wines to swiss wines only.
- We will co-produce cuvées from all over Switzerland with the best swiss winemakers to show wine can be good, local, cool AND accessible. Yep, all of this! 
- We will offer our expertise in marketing to winemakers in order to better promote their work.