BIG DADA, Swiss wines festival

We've been told our future would be ruled by the BIG DATA.
We want to see the world in a different way so we are going out of our tiny Dada wine shop in order to create the first swiss wine festival in Neuchâtel. And yes, we named it BIG DADA.

A possibility for you to meet, talk, exchange with the people doing the wines you like, without any screen. I know it's crazy.

 Big DADA - Swiss Wine Festival

14 & 15 May 2022 - Neuchâtel - Pavillon Voisins

Saturday 14th: 15h-21h
Sunday 15th: 12h-16h
Location: Pavillon Voisins - Neuchâtel


The new wave of swiss winemakers

10+ wine estates from all over Switzerland:
Viticoltura & Vini Rohner Erni (GR)
Le Vin de l’A (VS)
Domaine de Chafalet (GE)
Domaine Christinat (VD)
Weingut Pircher (ZH)
Maison Muster (NE)
Domaine Grisoni (NE)
Les vins Porret (NE - only Saturday)
Fawino (TI - only Saturday)
Siider - Fricktaler Apfelwein (AG - only Saturday)


Foodtrucks - Bar - Music

Possibility to order some nice Burgers with "Le Croque-Faim" and fine oriental food with "Chef Falafel".

A special wine list will be created for the weekend with the wines of our guests.
Of course, other stuffs will be available


Free entrance

Nothing to worry about.

Free entrance and possibility to order the wines you liked.